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1). No Spam!! YOU SPAM, I BAN!!!!!!!


2). No pornographic images or porn in general. Any questions if its porn, please PM me.

3). No flaming!

I am resonable, but WILL NOT tolerate ANY drama on here. If you want to fight, take it to PM's. If you start fighting on the board, I will ban who I perceive as a troublemaker for 24hours & will discuss the issues in PM's.

If you continue to fight or continue to cause problems a permanent ban will be enacted.

4). Management reserves the right to edit posts as they see fit. We will leave a note as to what was edited WITHIN THE POST ITSELF.

5). Managaement reserves the right to DELETE posts they see UNFIT. You know the rules. I will not waste my time defending my actions to you or anyone else for deleting an unfit post. There will be no warning or notice if I delete your post. If you want to know where it is, ask me, but I'm not going to chase you around telling you to behave.

If you don't like that you know where the door is. This is my board & I make the rules. I am a reasonable person, but there is only so much a reasonable person can take.


7). If you haven't posted in some time, I will delete your membership-but you are more than welcome to reapply.

BE NICE & HAVE FUN! Remember-there is a person just like you on the other computer.

Come Visit Me at LeeLee's!

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