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A Contest from the RED COUCH

~ An Online Fundraiser for Dana Tomajko ~

Shop For Dana

To learn more about Dana or to leave a message of support,
register to view her CarePage at

(Her CarePage name is DANATOMAJKO)


the contest is from our message board THE RED COUCH.

I will post on other boards as well as here.

For every board that gets 25 or more members to sign up for a NEW MEMBERSHIP on ebay
THE RED COUCH will pay the fees for those particular boards to be AD FREE, PLUS We will donate the same amount to DANAs Fund.

I will leave it up to each boards discretion about the ad free , if you want we can donate the entire 50 to Dana.
All the donations will be in the name of each particular board.

every board that gets 25 or more qualifies.

go check it out, ITS FREE.

Sign up for a NEW FREE ACCOUNT on EBAY.

Go to our HOME BOARD, red couch board and leave a message under this contest thread to say you have joined and either bid on something and won it or lost it.

you need to bid on something for ebay to notice the new membership or otherwise it just thinks they are random members. ( not new ones )

contest runs thru dec 31st.

all donations will be made in the name of YOUR HOME BOARD.

any questions please pm or email me.
I want this to be a success and be able to give a little to Dana.
It all adds up.
thank you everyone for taking the time to look and join
Register for UK Ebay

Register for EBAY

Register Ebay Canada

any questions please hollar at me or stop by the board the red couch emoticon

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